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Indulge in Our Rescue Delights

9-Yum-Yum is Reviving Taste Buds, One Treat at a Time!


Our Products

9 Yum Yum is an ice cream ambulance that will rescue you

with a great assortment of ice cream treats!

9 Yum Yum offers traditional ice cream novelties, the ones you first loved as a kid and still can’t live without, Blue Bunny Original Bomb Pops, Vanilla Nutty Big Dippers, and Orange Dream Bars, to name a few. Along with those classic favorites, 9 Yum Yum offers Twin City’s favorites: Saint Pops and Thelma’s ice cream sandwiches. We bring you the latest and the greatest packaged ice cream treats available. 


We do this to bring you excellent ice cream treats and support other small businesses like ourselves. And because I come from a long line of crazy ice cream lovers—the kind that eat ice cream every day. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone!

st pops.png

Fresh Fruit Pops

Frozen treats using local produce - no dairy, gluten, soy, nuts or artificial sweeteners.

Thelma's Ice Cream

Handmade Treats

Sweet Anderson Erickson ice cream smushed between two fresh homemade cookies.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Favorite Novelties

So much flavor.

So much fun.

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